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Platform Systems

Systems providing main SOCCI capabilities



JIRA is an enterprise system for change and problem management. The system includes tools for issue tracking, monitoring and management, and allows different kinds of configurations and setups for workflows and issues. It has been extended with a custom SOCCI plugin.


Confluence is an enterprise system for documentation version control. Confluence provides online concurrent document management for collaboration within a team/project. It has been extended with a custom SOCCI plugin.


Bitbucket is a web-based system used for development projects that use Git. It is integrated with JIRA and Confluence. SOCCI provides the setup and configuration and the connection to other ancialliary systems like Jenkins.







User Management Systems

Systems integrated with SOCCI to provide user management capabilities


People Editor allows to add/edit SOCCI users. This is an administration tool


People Finder allows to find contact information about SOCCI users.





Ancillary Systems

Systems that can be integrated with SOCCI Core Systems to provide extended capabilities. 


Jira Service Management is a customer support system which helps project customer support. The ticket management system can organize tickets using tags or prioritize them based on current status.


Sonarqube is an open source continuous inspection of code quality platform. Provides fully automated analyses of software build jobs, in order to maintain quality in the source code repository. SOCCI provides integration of Jenkins.


Jenkins is an open source continuous integration system which enables triggering of software build jobs automatically or on-demand. SOCCI provides integration of Jenkins with Bitbucket and JIRA.


Nexus is an artifact repository manager, which allows to proxy, collect, manage SW dependencies and makes easy the software distribution. SOCCI provides a central Nexus server which the proper configuration ready to host the project artifacts.