Solar Wind ElectRon Workshop

27th - 29th May 2019

Solar wind electrons play a key role of our understanding of the heliosphere, not only in terms of the ubiquitous kinetic scale interactions within the solar wind but also in terms of large scale thermodynamics. However, although solar wind electrons are a well studied phenomena, there remain many unknowns regarding both their coronal origins and their evolution within the solar wind. The results obtained by the Parker Solar Probe and Solar Orbiter spacecraft will provide valuable insight into how the solar wind electrons evolve in the innermost part of the heliosphere, what interactions they are subjected to and how this changes with distance from the Sun. Within this meeting, the current understanding of solar wind electron physics, new results and future science conducted with Parker probe and Solar Orbiter will be discussed. 

Funding for this workshop was provided by the ESAC Faculty.

Image Credits: (top) A. Macneil, Atlas Obscura, ESA (bottom) ESA, M. Pulupa