XMM-Newton 2013 Science Workshop

The Fast and the Furious: Energetic Phenomena in Isolated Neutron Stars, Pulsar Wind Nebulae and Supernova Remnants
ESAC, Madrid, Spain, 22 - 24 May 2013

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The refereed proceedings have been published in volume 335, issue 03(2014) of the Astronomische Nachrichten / Astronomical Notes (AN) and can be accessed from the ADS.

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All contributions are listed with title and name of first author. The electronic versions (if available) can be accessed in the format provided by the authors by clicking on the titles.



New results and Rotation-powered pulsars

Invited Talks
X-ray observations of rotation-powered pulsars, George Pavlov (pdf file)

NuSTAR results and future plan for magnetars and rotation-powered pulsars, Hongjun An (pptx file)
Contributed Talks
XMM-Newton revealed synchronous X-ray and radio mode changing in a pulsar: a bi-stable emission behaviour requiring global magnetospheric changes, Wim Hermsen (pdf file)

Rotation-powered pulsars: High-energy Emission

Invited Talks
High-energy pulsar models: Developments and new questions, Christo Venter (pdf file)

Gamma-ray Pulsars with the Fermi Satellite, David Smith (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
A unified polar cap/striped wind model for pulsed radio and gamma-ray emission in pulsars, Jerome Petri (pdf file)

X-ray observations and the search for Fermi-LAT gamma-ray pulsars, Pablo Saz Parkinson (pdf file)

Particle acceleration region of old pulsars, Shota Kisaka (pdf file)

Plasma-producing Gaps in the Global Structure of the Pulsar Force-free Magnetosphere, Svetlana Petrova (pdf file)

Rotation-powered pulsars / New missions (1)

Invited Talks
Suzaku Observations of Gamma-Ray Binaries and Prospects for ASTRO-H, Takaaki Tanaka (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
Deep X-ray Observations of the High-Magnetic-Field Radio Pulsar J1119-6127, C.-Y Ng (pptx file)

The soft gamma-ray pulsar population and its link to the Fermi LAT pulsar population: a full high-energy picture, Lucien Kuiper (pptx file)

Spectral properties and HE behaviour of few bright and young Fermi PSRs, Thomas Tavernier (pdf file)

eROSITA: Status and its Scientific Prospects for Neutron Stars and Supernova Remnants, Werner Becker (pptx file)


Invited Talks
Multi-wavelength Observations of Known, and Searches for New, Gamma-ray Binaries, Robin Corbet (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
The stability of strong waves and its implications for pulsar wind shocks, Iwona Mochol (pdf file)

'Black widow' binary systems, Jorge Ernesto Horvath (pdf file)

Observationally consistent evolution scenario for neutron stars in LMXBs, Mikhail Gusakov (pptx file)

Long Term X-Ray Timing of the Double Pulsar PSR J0737-3039, Maria Noemi Iacolina (pdf file)

Intrabinary Shock Emission From Black Widows and Redbacks, Mallory Roberts


Invited Talks
Activity of strongly magnetized neutron stars, Andrei Beloborodov

Magnetar Bursts at All Scales, Ersin Gogus (pdf file)

Magnetars: explosive neutron stars with extreme magnetic fields, Nanda Rea (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
Constraining Magnetar Bursts Properties from Energy-Dependent Variability, Caroline D'Angelo

Hard X-ray emission from magnetars: fit by a physical model and resulting constraints, Romain Hascoë/b> (pdf file)

Magnetars and related objects (1)

Invited Talks
The Magnificent Seven: Nearby, Thermally Emitting, Isolated Neutron Stars, Frank Haberl (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
A phase-variable absorption feature in the X-ray spectrum of a magnetar, Andrea Tiengo

Westerlund1 Transient AXP: Long-term Phase-coherent X-ray Timing & Pulse-Phase Spectroscopy of CXOU J164710.2-4552, Guillermo-Andres Rodriguez-Castillo

Supernova Remnants with Magnetars, Jonatan Martin (pdf file)

On the X-ray emission mechanisms of the persistent source and very low-fluence bursts of SGR J0501+4516, Lin Lin (pdf file)

Modulating magnetar emission by magneto-elastic oscillations, Michael Gabler (pdf file)

Magnetic Field Instabilities in Neutron Stars, Riccardo Ciolfi (pdf file)

Magnetars and related objects (2)

Invited Talks
Timing Solutions for all three Anti-Magnetars, Eric Gotthelf (pdf file)

Magneto-thermal evolution of strongly magnetized neutron stars, Jose Pons (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
The maximum period of pulsars as a probe of fundamental physics, Daniele Vigano (pdf file)

Unifying neutron stars: advances, problems and initial parameters, Sergey Popov (ppt file)

Magntars and related objects (3) / Pulsar wind nebulae (1)

Contributed Talks
RRAT J1819-1458 and its extended X-ray emission, Ascension Camero Arranz (pdf file)

Magnetic fields decay in pulsars. Psynthesis and other statistical methods, Andrei Igoshev (pdf file)

New XMM-Newton observation of the thermally emitting isolated neutron star in the Carina Nebula, Adriana Mancini Pires (pdf file)

Probing the cooling of the Central Compact Object in the Cas A supernova remnant, Bettina Posselt

TeV Pulsar wind nebulae observations & modeling: issues and lessons, Diego F Torres (pdf file)

Modeling statistical properties of the X-ray emission from aged Pulsar Wind Nebulae, Rino Bandiera (pptx file)

Supernova Dust and Ejecta Illuminated by Pulsar Wind Nebulae, Tea Temim (pptx file)

Pulsar wind nebulae (2)

Invited Talks
TeV emitting PWNe: abundant and diverse high energy engines of all ages, Arache Djannati-Atai

Review of the Theory of PWNe, Niccolo Bucciantini (pdf file)

X-ray observations of pulsar-wind nebulae: current status and future prospects, Oleg Kargaltsev (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
X-ray follow-up observations of confirmed and potential TeV supernova remnants, Gerd Puehlhofer

The power of X-ray observations in identifying TeV emitting pulsar wind nebulae: The case of HESS J1818-154, Peter Eger

Pulsar wind nebulae (3) / Supernova remnants (1)

Invited Talks
Gamma-ray emission of Crab pulsar and the nebula, Maxim Lyutikov (pdf file)

The Flaring Crab Nebula: Surprises and Challenges, Marco Tavani (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
A fast-moving radio-quiet pulsar with a very unusual X-ray trail, Andrea De Luca (pdf file)

Fermi-LAT observations and a broadband study of supernova remnant CTB 109, Daniel Castro

The Progenitor and Pulsar Birth Properties of Composite SNR Kes 75, Joseph Gelfand (pptx file)

Discovery of An Infrared Bow Shock near A Pulsar, Zhongxiang Wang (pdf file)

Supernova remnants (2) / New missions (2)

Invited Talks
Large Observatory for X-ray Timing (LOFT), Michiel van der Klis on behalf of the LOFT Consortium (pdf file)
Contributed Talks
Fast Shock Waves and Particle Acceleration in the Remnant of SN 1006, Brian Williams (pdf file)

The intriguing structure of the 'peanut' nebula, Fabio Acero (pdf file)

The shape of the cutoff in the synchrotron emission of SN 1006 observed with XMM-Newton, Marco Miceli (pdf file)


2D Particle-in-Cell Simulation of the Pulsar Polar-cap Discharge, Alexander Yuran Chen (pdf file)

The Guitar Nebula Studies at Optical Wavelengths, Andrei Danilenko (pdf file)

Deep observations of PSR J0357+3205 with GTC, Aida Kirichenko (pdf file)

Equilibrium Models for Magnetized Neutron Stars in General Relativity, Antonio G. Pili (pdf file)

The Magnificent Seven see (Infra)red, Bettina Posselt (pdf file)

Particle Acceleration and Magnetic Fields: Looking at the Northwestern Rim of RCW 86 with Chandra, Daniel Castro

Solving the Vela pulsar infrared excess problem, Dima Zyuzin (pdf file)

Multi-component X-ray Spectral Analysis of the Double Pulsar System J0737-3039, Elise Egron (pdf file)

The first complete X-ray view of the Supernova Remnant Puppis A, Gloria Dubner (pdf file)

High energy radiation and interstellar gas in the young gamma-ray SNRs RX J1713.7-3946 and RX J0852.0-4622, Hidetoshi Sano

New instability windows for rotating neutron stars, Mikhail Gusakov

XMM-Newton observations of the distant energetic pulsar J2022+3842, Prakash Arumugasamy (pdf file)

Search for correlation between giant radio pulses and hard X-ray pulses from the Crab pulsar, Ryo Mikami (pdf file)

Physical links between the radio and high-energy emissions of pulsars, Svetlana Petrova (pdf file)

Suzaku View of Recent Magnetar and Magnetar-related Objects , Teruaki Enoto (pdf file)

Suzaku Studies of the Supernova Remnant CTB109 and its Central Magnetar 1E 2259+586, Toshio Nakano (pdf file)

Supernova Remnant Candidates in the ROSAT All-Sky Survey, Tobias Prinz (pdf file)

Autonomous Spacecraft Navigation With X-ray Pulsars, Werner Becker (pdf file)

New Fermi-LAT Gamma-ray Pulsars Using Radio Ephemerides, Xian Hou (pdf file)

Soft Gamma-ray Pulsars, Yu Wang (pdf file)

Invited Speakers

Hongjun An McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Andrei M. Beloborodov Columbia University, New York, USA
Niccolòcciantini INAF Osservatorio di Arcetri, Firenze, Italy
Robin H.D. Corbet University of Maryland, Baltimore County & NASA Goddard Space Flight, Greenbelt, USA
Arache Djannati-Atai APC-Astroparticule et Cosmologie, Paris, France
Ersin Gogus Sabanci University, Istanbul, Turkey
Eric Gotthelf Columbia University, New York, USA
Frank Haberl MPE, Garching, Germany
Oleg Kargaltsev George Washington University, USA
Maxim Lyutikov Purdue University, West Lafayette, USA
George G. Pavlov Pennsylvania State University, USA
Jose A. Pons Universitat d'Alacant, Spain
Nanda Rea CSIC-IEEC, Barcelona, Spain
David A. Smith Centre d'Éudes Nucléres de Bordeaux-Gradignan, France
Takaaki Tanaka Kyoto University, Japan
Marco Tavani Italian Istitute of Astrophysics (INAF) & University of Rome Tor Vergata, Italy
Michiel van der Klis University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Christo Venter Centre for Space Research, North-West University, Potchefstroom, South Africa


Scientific Organising Committee

Sandro Mereghetti (chair) INAF, IASF-Milano, Italy
Werner Becker MPE, Garching, Germany
Andrei Bykov Ioffe Physical-Technical Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia
Wim Hermsen SRON, Utrecht, The Netherlands
Victoria Kaspi McGill University, Montreal, Canada
Demosthenes Kazanas NASA/GSFC, Greenbelt MD, USA
Chryssa Kouveliotou NASA/MSFC, Huntsville AL, USA
Dong Lai Cornell University, Ithaca, NY, USA
Kazuo Makishima University of Tokyo, Japan
Sergei Popov Sternberg Astronomical Institute, Moscow, Russia
Norbert Schartel (co-chair) XMM-Newton SOC, Madrid, Spain
Patrick Slane CfA, Cambridge MA, USA
Luigi Stella INAF, Rome, Italy
Diego Torres IEEC-CSIC, Barcelona, Spain
Anna Watts University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Martin C. Weisskopf NASA/MSFC, Huntsville AL, USA
Silvia Zane MSSL-UCL, Dorking, Surrey, UK


Local Organising Committee

Jan-Uwe Ness (Chair), Michelle Arpizou, Matthias Ehle, Carlos Gabriel, Aitor Ibarra, Andy Pollock, Richard Saxton, Martin Stuhlinger
XMM-Newton Science Operations Centre, European Space Astronomy Centre, Madrid, Spain