Science and Robotic Exploration Portal

This is Cosmos, the communications portal for the teams supporting missions in the Scientific and Robotic Exploration (SRE) Directorate of the European Space Agency. The portal is maintained by the Operations Department (SRE-O) and the Scientific Support Office (SRE-S). Its purpose is to provide a focal point for intra-mission discussion, information dissemination, and mission/project team administration. 

Much of this site is protected by access controls. If you want or need to have access to restricted areas or if you are interested in becoming involved with a specific mission, then please make your initial contact with either the Project Scientist or Mission Administrator. Contact details can be found here.

Our target audience is the specialist scientific community associated with, or directly interested in the missions we support. If you have arrived at this site as a result of a web search, and you are looking for more general, and/or less technical information, please try one of our sister sites.

For information of an educational or general nature, descriptions of the missions etc. The European Space Agency Public Portal

For informed members of the broader scientific community looking for general information about our missions The Science and Technology Portal

This portal is under development. Missions and Projects will be added or migrated over time and eventually this site will replace the and servers.