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05/01/2016 The JWST cycle 1 GTO call for proposals and ERS call for notice of intent to propose are available.

The first versions of the Garanteed Time Observer (GTO) call for proposal and of the Early Release Science (ERS) call for notice of intent to propose are now available on the web site of JWST's scientific operation center (STScI):

05/01/2017 Vibration testing of James Webb telescope and instruments set to resume in January.

The vibration testing of the James Webb telescope and instrument assembly (called OTIS) was put on hold in December 2016 after an unexpected response to the vibrations was detected. The investigation of the event is still on-going but the plan is now to resume testing in January. More information can be found on NASA's JWST web site at the following link:

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JWST is a joint NASA/ESA/CSA mission


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Launch in October 2018


20-24 March 2017 in Venice, Italy

 Science with the Hubble and James Webb space telescopes V

04-06 October 2017 in ESAC, Spain

ESAC 2017 JWST workshop - Planning your JWST observations - [GET SET]

Image of the month:

The primary mirror of JWST is being carefully inspected before the start of the acoustic and vibration tests that the telescope together with the scientific instruments will undergo in the coming months.

(Credit: NASA/Chris Gunn)

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