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INTEGRAL AO-12 General Programme approved

2 July 2014  The INTEGRAL AO-12 General Programme, as recommended by the Time Allocation Committee (TAC) and approved on June 12 by ESA's Director of Science and Robotic Exploration (Prof. Alvaro Giménez), has been released and the observers have been informed.

cosmos: the New ESA web portal

30 June 2014  Today at 15:00 all of our web pages were migrated to the new ESA web standard COSMOS. Some updates to the contents of the INTEGRAL pages have been made, most remain are as they were, and the appearance has been modernised and simplified. Warm thanks to the team that has made this possible, and to our web master, Cristina Hernandez, for her work in implementing the migration. Comments you may have are welcome:

Further INTEGRAL observations of SN2014J in M82

27 May 2014  A new set of INTEGRAL observations on the Type Ia SN2014J in M82 have been initiated, which will start tonight, in order to follow the very late decline of the SN. Again, for the benefit of the community, all data are made public immediately. The observations are expected to last for about a month.

INTEGRAL in Emergency Sun Acquisition Mode

7 May 2014  INTEGRAL entered Emergency Sun Acquisition Mode (ESAM) on 6 May at 13:51Z due to an unlucky chain of events. There is no indication that the ESAM entry was due to an on-board failure. Recovery operations are ongoing smoothly and expected to finish on mid-day of 8 May.

Update (8 May 2014): All instruments have been successfully activated. The planned observation sequence was rejoined at 11:08Z with IBIS, SPI and OMC active. JEM-X activation was completed at 13:59Z.

12th Announcement of Opportunity (AO-12): preliminary statistics

11 April 2014  The deadline for the submission of proposals for AO-12 open time observations was on 4 April 2014, and all proposals are in the ISOC database. Below are some preliminary statistics on the proposals that have been received.

Total number of proposals
The total number of proposals received is 77. The total observing time requested is about 107 Msec (for all types of observation, i.e., fixed time, normal time, and ToO). Here, 10% of the requested total ToO time has been taken into account. Given that up to about 22 Msec of observing time (for new observing proposals) will be available for the AO-12 observing programme (12 months duration starting on 1 January 2015), this corresponds to an oversubscription in time by a factor of 4.8.

The non-ToO proposals are requesting data rights for 523 sources in total. 12 proposals requested coordinated XMM-Newton time; a similar amount requested coordinated Swift time.

Proposals per category
In the following table we give the breakdown of number of proposals as a function of the proposal category. Note that the numbers on requested observing times do include ToO proposals, but it has been assumed here, that a typical ToO proposal requests about 10% of its total observing time as entered into PGT from all the candidate sources included in a ToO proposal.

Scientific Category Number of proposals Requested observing time (Ms)
includes ToO times x 10%
Galactic Astronomy 50 29.5
Extragalactic Astronomy 17 46.2
Nucleosynthesis and diffuse
continuum/line emission
10 31.1
Total 77 107


At the end of May, the Time Allocation Committee will peer review all proposals and recommend the AO-12 observing programme to ESA.