People in the ESA JWST Science & OperationS Team (SOT)

The following table lists the members of the ESA JWST SOT, their functions, and contact information. The Team is spread out between ESA/ESTEC (NL), ESA/ESAC (Spain) and the JWST Science and Operations Center In Baltimore (USA)

Name Function Email  
Pierre Ferruit JWST Project Scientist Pierre.Ferruit @  
Marco Sirianni JWST Science Operations Development Manager Marco.Sirianni @  
Torsten Böker NIRSpec Instrument & Calibration Scientist tboeker @  
Macarena Garcia Marin MIRI Instrument & Calibration Scientist macarena.garcia.marin @  
Catarina Alves de Oliveira NIRSpec Instrument & Calibration Scientist  
Stephan Birkmann NIRSpec Instrument & Calibration Scientist Stephan.Birkmann @  
Giovanna Giardino NIRSpec Data Scientist Giovanna.Giardino @  
Tim Rawle NIRSpec Instrument & Calibration Scientist tim.rawle @  
Nora Lützgendorf NIRSpec Instrument & Calibration Scientist ntnluetzge @  
Anthony Marston JWST Archive Scientist tmarston @  
Maurice Te Plate NIRSpec System and AIV Engineer maurice.Te.Plate @  
Sarah Kendrew MIRI Instrument and Calibration Scientist Sarah.Kendrew @  
Brian O'Sullivan MIRI System Engineer  


Peter Jakobsen was the ESA JWST project scientist up to the end of 2011.

Former members of the ESA JWST SOT

  • Guido De Marchi
  • Martin Stuhlinger

The ESA NIRSpec Instrument Science Team (IST)

The ESA NIRSpec IST provides scientific oversight for NIRSpec and is chaired by the ESA JWST project scientist. It has the following members:

  • Santiago Arribas (Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, Madrid)
  • Andrew Bunker (University of Oxford)
  • Roberto Maiolino (University of Cambridge)
  • Stephane Charlot (Institut d'Astrophysique de Paris)
  • Marijn Franx (Leiden Observatory)
  • Hans-Walter Rix (Max-Planck-Institut für Astronomie, Heidelberg
  • Chris Willot (Herzberg Institute of Astrophysics, Victoria; ex-officio, Canadian representative)
  • Harvey Moseley (Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt; ex-officio, lead micro-shutter array scientist)
  • Bernard Rauscher (Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt; ex-officio, lead focal plane array scientist)
  • Jeff Valenti (Space Telescope Science Institute; ex-officio, STScI NIRSpec instrument scientist)

The ESA JWST Project Team

The following people work in the JWST ESA project team (SRE-PJ) [Last updated Dec 2011]

  • Peter Jensen (Project Manager)
  • Raymond Fels (Project Controller)
  • Peter Rumler (NIRSpec Instrument Manager / Principal System Engineer / Launcher System Engineer)
  • Delphine Jollit (Mechanical and Thermal System Engineer)

Former project team members:

  • Giorgio Bagnasco
  • Jose Lorenzo Alvarez
  • Jean-Christope Salvignol
  • Paolo Strada
  • Massimo Falcolini
  • Maurice Te Plate