ESAC 2017 JWST Workshop




  • In anticipation of the first JWST Call for proposals in late November 2017, the European Space Agency is organizing a series of workshops to engage and inform the astronomical community. The first workshop showcased the capabilities of the JWST science instruments, their observing modes and expected in-orbit performance.
  • The main goal of this second workshop was to provide ample hands-on experience with the various tools supporting preparation and submission of proposals. Among them the Target Visibility Tool, the Exposure Time Calculator and the Astronomy Proposal tool (APT).



  • The workshop lasted 2.5 days (from Wednesday morning to Friday early afternoon). The first half day was devoted to general presentations that  provided updates on status of the project, science policies and timeline. The rest of the workshop was dedicated to demonstrations and hands-on sessions of the various tools needed for proposal preparation.
  • For each tool an introductory session was followed by hands-on exercises in which participants  gained familiarity with them. Once the participants were acquainted with the various tools, specific science cases were used to exercise the complete proposal process: from estimating the target visibility and the exposure times to implementing the technical aspects of the proposal in APT.
  • For the hands-on sessions the participants were divided into small working groups.  Each working group had the assistance of at least one expert/facilitator that helped the group complete the session.
  • All material used during the exercises is now available online.
  • Plase follow the instruction in this link to install the necessary software packages and to open a MyST account. 






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