The INTEGRAL Users Group (IUG)

Introduction and background

In 2005, ESA decided to set up an INTEGRAL Users' Group (IUG) in parallel to the already existing INTEGRAL Science Working Team (ISWT) for the extended mission. As a consequence of the termination of the Core Programme beyond 2008, however, one of the main tasks of the ISWT ("Establish and optimize the Core Programme") vanished, and the IUG and ISWT teams have been merged, in November 2007, into one IUG. After 12 years, the ISWT has been formally dissolved and its members have been transferred to the new IUG. It shall be noted in particular that the roles and responsibilities for PIs (instruments and ISDC) and Mission Scientists throughout the entire mission, as described in the Science Management Plan, remain unchanged. To reach the INTEGRAL Users Group please contact the IUG Chair.