INTEGRAL Workshop 2024


22 years of INTEGRAL: catching results and discoveries

21-25 October 2024

ESA/ESAC, Madrid, Spain

A conference organized by ISOC and IUG



The INTernational Gamma-Ray Astrophysics Laboratory (INTEGRAL) has been crucial in our understanding of astrophysical phenomena over a wide energy and temporal range. Its unique capabilities in terms of combined sensitivity, energy coverage, energy resolution, and sky coverage at once, led to the discovery of many classes of previously unknown astrophysical objects and the elucidation of poorly understood transient celestial sources. The mission's long life has allowed for very long observations that have permitted the detection of elusive signals from faint gamma-ray line emissions, a unique INTEGRAL asset. The availability of telemetry on ground within seconds from photon detection together with the high duty cycle have permitted the discovery and characterization of rare transient events, which have made INTEGRAL a cornerstone in the new era of time-domain and multi-messenger astronomy. This has fostered collaborations and synergies with current and future missions that will enhance INTEGRAL's legacy of twenty-two years of publicly available science data that will continue to provide a wealth of scientific information to be explored in supporting new questions, new missions, and new perspectives on astrophysical phenomena. This conference is the occasion to discuss novelties in high-energy astrophysics, new instrumental facilities, and innovative data-analysis methods. Anticipated lively interactions among a large number of participating scientists will be harnessed to refine the plan for maximizing data exploitation now and in the decades to come.


Session topics will include, among others:

  • The INTEGRAL Mission and its Legacy
  • Multi-messenger and time domain astronomy, including GRBs
  • Survey from Gamma-ray to soft X-rays
  • Galactic and Extragalactic X and gamma-ray Sources
  • Gamma-ray lines
  • Other scientific topics: Sun, Planets, Ionosphere, DM, etc
  • From INTEGRAL to the next generation of X/Gamma-ray facilities: heritage and future perspectives

Code of Conduct

As the Local Organising Committee of the conference, we assume that all participants share our commitment to create a meeting environment that values diversity and inclusion and therefore is free from harassment. We want to promote a diverse environment with respectful and courteous behavior and therefore all participants have to adhere to our Code of Conduct.


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