INTEGRAL Source Naming Convention

The INTEGRAL source naming convention was accepted by the I.A.U. on 13 March 2001.

The convention is: IGR JHHMMm+- DDMM

In this convention the J2000 coordinates are truncated, not rounded to fit. HHMMm are the hours of right ascension (HH) followed by minutes of right ascension with one decimal (MMm). DDMM are degrees (DD) plus arc-minutes (MM) of declination.

For example, Sirius has the following 2000.0 coordinates: RA = 06h45m08.9173s, DEC = -16o42'58.017" . In the present case, the naming convention would give IGR J06451-1642.

INTEGRAL is now officially registered with the I.A.U. and the C.D.S.; for more information see also the C.D.S. web page.