Setting up Enterprise COnnect under the Citrix Metaframe Environment

Many of you do your everyday work outside the Windows environment, and are happy with the web interface to Content Server (Livelink). Others, particularly the multi-OS users who already use Citrix Metaframe to bridge the gap between Windows and Unix, may be pleased to know that there is an alternative route into Content Server, via Enterprise Connect - an add-on to Microsoft Windows Explorer (the Windows file browser). This facility is available via the Citrix server in SSO.

To set up your Windows Explorer to access Content Server, follow these instructions :-

  • Install Citrix Receiver
  • Via Prefences->Accounts add a new server URL and Description ESA Citrix.
  • Make sure you add Windows Explorer as visible application to the Citrix Receiver. If it is not there, click on the + on the left-hand side and select OpenText->Windows Explorer.
  • Start the Windows Explorer.
  • Fill in your Domain\User (ESAAD\FirstName LastName) and Password (your ESAAD password).
  • After a few seconds the Windows Explorer starts.
  • In the left column you'll see Enterprise Connect, right click on it to open Manage Plugins.
  • Click the New button to add a new connection. Connection details are found in the following document:

The nice thing about the SSO Citrix environment is that it also mounts your local filesystem if you are on a Mac. This allows you to upload files directly from your local drive to Content Server. You can even open 2 Explorer windows (one pointing to your local drive, the other one pointing to a folder in Content Server) and drag&drop files between them.