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29/11/2016 First major science observations by TGO instruments

TGO arrived at Mars on 19 October. Its elliptical orbit has a periares of between 230–310 km, apoares of 98 000 km, and a period of 4.2 days.

During two orbits between 20–28 November the ACS, NOMAD, FREND and CaSSIS instruments performed calibrations and observations of the Martian surface and atmosphere. This was to take advantage of the low altitude periares, before the start of the aerobraking phase.

The quality of the data returned are encouraging and offer great promise when full science operations commence in late 2017.

See results for: ACS, NOMAD, CaSSIS and FREND.


28/09/2016 ExoMars 2016 SPICE kernels

Version 1.2.1 of the operational ExoMars 2016 Kernel Dataset has been published by the ESA SPICE service, hosted at ESAC. Kernels are available to download from ftp://spiftp.esac.esa.int/data/SPICE/ExoMars2016/kernels/. Please see the release notes for details.

Notable updates include:

  • TGO medium term predicted data (SPK) and Science Operations Center test data (CK) for the interval 2016 OCT 19 15:01:08.184 - 2017 JAN 24 03:17:03.102.
  • Instrument kernel (IK) for DECA.
  • EDM frames and test attitude kernels, for the AMELIA investigation.
  • Updated ACS, NOMAD and FREND frames and instrument kernels.
  • Default CKs for ACS and NOMAD.


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Mars Seasons:

  • 28th November 2016 - Ls = 270: MY 33 Northern Hemisphere Winter Solstice.
  • 5th May 2017 - Ls = 0: MY 34 Northern Hemisphere Spring Equinox.

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