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Science with 1 billion objects in three dimensions

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14/07/2020 Preliminary info on Gaia EDR3 contents

On this page a description is given of the expected contents of Gaia's Early Data Release 3. The Gaia EDR3 catalogue will be based on 34 months of data collection, and is expected to contain about 1.8 billion stars. Gaia EDR3 is on track for a release late 2020. A more exact date will be announced later.


12/06/2020 Update to the Gaia DR2 known issues

As described in Section 5.1 of the paper Gaia Data Release 2: The astrometric solution, there are strong indications that the Gaia DR2 positions and proper motions for stars with G ≲12 mag have a significant orientation and rotation bias, respectively. It is advisable to correct for these biases for high-accuracy applications and/or applications that cover long time intervals. A new item on the orientation and rotation of the Gaia DR2 reference frame for bright objects has been added to the Gaia DR2 known issues to help you guide to the corrections available. Also the Gaia DR2 primer has been updated to reflect this information.


07/05/2020 Gaia Archive upgrade to version 2.8

On Monday 11 May, a new version of the Gaia Archive will be deployed. The Gaia Archive will hence be unavailable in the morning and should be ready to be accessed again by 13:00 CEST. Apart from some fixes, there is an update to the ADQL supported functions and an improvement with respect to the interoperability with VO tools. More details will be available in the release notes on Monday 11 May from 13:00 CEST.


07/05/2020 Gaps in Gaia DR2 data

A description and overview of gaps in the data stream that underlies the Gaia DR2 data products can be found here.


25/04/2020 Gaia DR2 - second anniversary

Today the Gaia Mission celebrates the second anniversary of Gaia Data Release 2. The Gaia catalogues have been embraced by many scientists across the world. Today, we are proud of the many papers that appeared using our latest release, Gaia DR2. In the past 2 years, almost 3000 refereed papers based on Gaia Data Release 2 have been published. That amounts on average to 4 papers per day. Thank you for using our data with so much enthusiasm! In the meantime, ESA Gaia teams and Gaia DPAC are continuously working towards next data releases. Keep posted with our Gaia newsletter of upcoming releases.


Gaia's first release came out on 14 September 2016. On 25 April 2018, the Gaia Collaboration published its second date release.


20/03/2020 Gaia Newsletter Issue #10

Please find the latest issue of the Gaia Newsletter here.


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