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results OF AO-3 are out

27 May 2022:  The CHEOPS Time Allocation Commitee met on 11-13 May 2022. Following their recommendations, the Director of Science awarded observing time from the Guest Observers Programme to a total of 28 propoals. An overview of the CHEOPS programmes that will be exectued in the period up to the end of the nominal mission (September 2023) can be found at this link.


CHEOPS AO-3 now open

18 February 2022:  The third call for proposals (AO-3) for observing time in the ESA-run CHEOPS Guest observers programme is open. This will be the final call in the nominal mission, and covers the period 1 July 2022 to 24 September 2023. All relevant information can be found at this link.


Is CHEOPS for you? 

5 February 2022:  Two presentations providing an overview of CHEOPS and its capabilities, as well as how to apply for observing time, are available from this link. The first provides a very short introduction for those who are curious but possibly not so familiar with the mission, whilst the second provides a more detailed overview.


Presentations from the CHEOPS Science Workshop VI (11-13 January 2022) now available on-line 

5 February 2022:  CHEOPS Science Workshop VI was held virtually over 11-13 January 2022. Slides from many of the presentations together with posters have been uploaded and are now available from the Workshop webpage which can be found at this link.


CHEOPS reveals a rugby ball shaped planet

13 January 2022: CHEOPS has been used to observe the fingerprints of tidal derformation in the ultra-short period hot Jupiter, WASP-103 b. A web article on the results can be found at this link, with full details of the study published in the paper by Barros et al (2022) A&A 657, 52.


Third annual call for proposals for the CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme to open on 15 February 2022

13 January 2022: The third Annual Call for proposals for observing time in the ESA run CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme (AO3) will open on 15 February 2022, closing 4 weeks later at midday on 15 March 2022  The timetable for the Announcement of Opportunity is available on the CHEOPS Guest Observers Programme webpage. Full details of how to apply for observing time, together with the constraints and requirements of the Call, will be available through the AO-3 webpage. Until the Call opens the webpage will host a number of links and documents to help prospective observers explore the capabilities of CHEOPS


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