Document Portal

Storage Systems

Documents can be stored in the Cosmos environment in several ways. Simple documents that support the web portal should be stored in the Liferay Documents & Media repository, especially when the documents are publicly accessible. This allows for easy downloads without an extra layer of authentication, also for users who don't have any account in the Cosmos infrastucture. In order to upload items to the Documents & Media section, you need to be a site editor in the Cosmos web portal.

Project-specific documentation is usually stored in Content Server (formerly known as Livelink). Content Server is an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system that supports the full Document Lifecycle. Proper procedures throughout the document's lifecycle are an important part of Enterprise Content Management, a set of defined processes that help an organization obtain, organize, store and deliver information crucial to its operation in the most effective manner possible. It is important to note that we support projects during the whole lifespan, from the first study, during the development and operational phase and also when the mission is archived.




Access to Content Server

Content Server is not a publicly accessible tool, it requires authentication to enter. Having an account in Cosmos does not automatically give you access to Content Server, this access needs to be setup for you by either the departmental secretaries if you work in the SCI directorate or by the project administrators.

We support single-sign on throughout the Cosmos Web infrastructure. If you have a personal Content Server account and your password is in sync with your Cosmos password, you can directly login into Content Server.
If you don't have a personal Content Server account, you will be logged in automatically into Content Server via a specific URL that is supplied by your project. In most cases the link is made available via the menu on the left-hand side.

Support Documentation

Some useful guides, documentation, tips and other items of interest to the Content Server User Community.

Document Explanation
Best Practices, Hints, Tips, etc... The Content Server Help section (Login required)
Search Hints Tips for getting the best out of Livelink searches
Enterprise Connect under SCI TSE/Citrix Setting up the Enterprise Connect plugin to work within the SCI TSE environment
Notifications Primer User guide on how to set up and use Content Server Notifications (850 Kb PDF) (Login required)
Livelink Notifications General description of the Content Server Notification system (121 Kb PDF) (Login required)

Other Document Management Services

At corporate level, ESA supplies other Document Management Systems as well. This is mostly used for document exchange with industry.

System Name Explanation
PRISMA/Eclipse Document Management - Entry page for Science Projects
ESA blue-docs A document-management system for Council, Committees and Programme Boards