Cosmos online Help

Do you have any questions about using the Cosmos infrastructure? Some of these questions might already be answered in the FAQ or the Cosmos Online Manuals. If your question is not found there, you can always contact one of the support teams from the portal.

If you want to know more about what services are available within Cosmos, check our overview of services.

I have a question about, or a problem with: Please try the following:
  • the Cosmos Portal in general

Contact the Cosmos Portal webmaster

  • SCI computing facilities
Check the appropriate Computer Support Team at ESAC, Madrid, Spain or ESTEC, Noordwijk, the Netherlands
  • a mission/project specific issue/question

Go to the "Contacts" page on mission portal site or if you can login use the project/mission helpdesk.






If, after trying the above suggestions, you still cannot resolve your issue, please visit one of the Computer Support Teams mentioned above and raise a ticket in their Helpdesk System. The engineers that develop & maintain this website should be able to redirect your query to the correct person or service.