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01 December 2017 - JWST Cycle 1 call for proposals for general observer (GO) time has been released.

Up to 6,000 hours of JWST time will be available in cycle 1 for this call. Observing programs will be offered in multiple categories, determined by program size and other criteria. Details on the call can be found here. The proposal submission deadline has been set to Friday 6 April  2018, at 8pm US Eastern Time.

30 October 2017 - The James Webb Space Telescope Early Release Observation Committee welcomes suggestions from the astronomical community for early targets to showcase the observatory’s capabilities.

The JWST Early Release Observations (ERO) will be among the first images and spectra taken during the commissioning of the observatory as it gets ready for scientific observations. They will showcase JWST’s instruments and scientific capabilities. A copy of the e-mail from the ERO committee welcoming suggestions of ERO from the astronomical community can be found here.


The Call for Proposals for the Early Release Science program is now closed. The results of the selection have been announced (here).

The next call will be for General Observers (GOs) and it will be issued on the 30th of November 2017. The deadline for GO proposal submission remains unchanged as the 2nd of March 2018. The Telescope Allocation Committee will meet to review the proposals at Space Telescope Science Institute during the last two weeks of June. The results will be announced in July 2018.

All the details can be found on STScI's web site

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Mission Status:

Launch in Spring 2019


13-15 December 2017 in ESTEC, Netherlands

Planning Solar System observations with JWST - European venue

3-6 April 2018 in Liverpool, UK

"Early Science with JWST" symposium at EWASS 2018. The web page of the symposium is now available here.

20-22 August 2018 in Vienna, Austria

Focus meeting "JWST: launch, commissioning and cycle 1 science" during the 2018 IAU General Assembly

More complete list of events maintained by STScI: here.

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JWST is being roll-out of the enormous cryogenic chamber at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston, where, in the previous months, it underwent comprehensive testing at temperatures similar to those of the environment at L2. 

(Credit: NASA)

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