The SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS) is a digial library for researchers in physics and astronomy operated by the Smithsonian Astrophysical Observatory (SAO) under a NASA grant.

Refereed papers, published after launch, are included in the table below if they fulfil one or more of the following:

  • Make direct use of data from a mission including from its primary catalogues
  • Make quantitative predictions of results from a mission
  • Describe a mission, its instruments, operations, software or calibrations

PhD theses are included in the table below if they include an analysis of data from the mission or describe hardware or software developed for the mission or its calibration. The completeness of the PhD libraries is difficult to estimate.


ESA Led Missions ADS Publication Library PhD Thesis Library
 COS-B COS-B Refereed Publications  
 IUE IUE Refereed Publications IUE PhDs
 Exosat Exosat Refereed Publications EXOSAT PhDs
 Giotto Giotto Refereed Publications  
 Hipparcos Hipparcos Refereed Publications Hipparcos PhDs
 Ulysses Ulysses Refereed Publications  
 ISO ISO Refereed Publications ISO PhDs
 SOHO SOHO Refereed Publications SOHO PhDs
 Huygens Huygens Refereed Publications  
 XMM-Newton XMM-Newton Refereed Publications XMM-Newton PhDs
 Cluster Cluster Refereed Publications Cluster and Double Star PhDs
 SMART-1 SMART-1 Refereed Publications  
 Mars Express Mars Express Refereed Publications MEX PhDs
 Rosetta Rosettta Refereed Publications Rosetta PhDs
 Venus Express Venus Express Refereed Publications VEX PhDs
 Herschel Herschel Refereed Publications  Herschel PhDs
 Planck Planck Refereed Publications Planck PhDs
 PROBA-2 PROBA-2 Refereed Publications PROBA-2 PhDs
 Gaia Gaia Refereed Publications Gaia PhDs
 LISA Pathfinder LISA Pathfinder Refereed Publications LPF (and LISA) PhDs
 ExoMars 2016 ExoMars 2016 Refereed Publications  
 BepiColombo BepiColombo Refereed Publications BepiColombo PhDs
Partner Led Missions    
 HST Link to HST Publication Statistics (at STScI)  
 Cassini Cassini Refereed Publications  
 Double Star Double Star Refereed Publications Cluster and Double Star PhDs
 Suzaku Suzaku Refereed Publications  
 AKARI AKARI Refereed Publications  
 Hinode Hinode Refereed Publications Hinode PhDs
 CoRoT CoRoT Refereed Publications CoRoT PhDs
 Chandrayaan-1 Chandrayaan-1 Publications  
 IRIS IRIS Refereed Publications IRIS PhDs
 Hitomi Hitomi Refereed Publications Hitomi PhDs


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Last Update: 4 January 2020