BepiColombo - Exploring Mercury

Europe's first mission to Mercury

Welcome to ESA's website for the BepiColombo scientific community and the BepiColombo Science Ground Segment. The target audience for this site is scientists and engineers involved in the BepiColombo mission. ESA pages for the general public interested in the BepiColombo mission can be found here .


BepiColombo MORE PI, Luciano Iess, received EGU’s Jean Dominique Cassini Medal  

The 2017 Jean Dominique Cassini Medal was awarded to Luciano Iess at this years annual meeting in Vienna held from 23-29 April for his command of the Doppler radio technique leading to important discoveries about the interiors of giant planets and their moons, and for performing high accuracy tests of the theory of General Relativity.



Launch: 6 October 2018

Time till launch:



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