Research Fellowships in Space Science 


Join us at the forefront of unveiling the mysteries of our Solar System and the Universe!


ESA's postdoctoral Research Fellowship programme offers early-career scientists and engineers the possibility to carry out research in a variety of disciplines related to space science, space applications or space technology. 

Research Fellowships in Space Science specifically offer the opportunity to contribute to ESA's endeavour to explore our Solar System and the Universe in the fields of heliophysics, planetary science, astrophysics and fundamental physics. ESA Fellowships provide a unique opportunity to work with scientists and engineers at the forefront of space science, and experience first-hand how ESA works with communities across the Member States to maximise the scientific return from our missions.

In the sections below you can find detailed information about the fellowship programme and the application process. 



Programme description for 2022 Opening


The 2022 call for applications is expected to open around 22 August with a deadline for applications on 19 September 2022 (the exact dates may slightly change)




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Further clarifications, tips and hints are given in the Science Fellowship FAQ.



For further inquiries, feel free to contact the Head of the Science Research Fellowship Programme.

The Space Science Faculty Directory lists all the members and their interests.

To contact any person by email, please use the address given on their profile page, or use:

Current Space Science Research Fellows will be happy to share any experience with you.