About SCI


The Directorate of Science (D/SCI) is responsible for the definition, planning and execution of the Agency’s Science Programme, for setting the cooperative links with the related programmes of ESA Member States and international partners, and for the definition of the scientific elements of optional exploration programmes. D/SCI also provides, as required, scientific advice and support for programmes managed by other directorates of the Agency. In addition, D/SCI is responsible for the optional PRODEX Programme to facilitate science payload provision.

Directorate of Science is directly supported by the:

− Future Missions Department (SCI-F)
− Projects Department (SCI-P)
− Science Operations Department (SCI-S)
− Programme Planning and Management Support Office (SCI-M)
− Science Engagement and Oversight Office (SCI-E)
− Director and Programme Strategy Support Office (SCI-D)


The SCI Portal is mainly used for activities of the Science and Operations Department (SCI-S), and includes activities of he Future Missions Department (SCI-F), and Science Engagement and Oversight Office (SCI-E).


The Science Operations Department (SCI-S) is responsible for ensuring that maximum scientific return, within applicable constraints, is maintained as an objective for the Directorate’s missions through their lifetime. The Department is providing scientific oversight of the Directorate’s missions throughout their lifecycle, managing and responsible for the operation of the Directorate’s missions once successfully commissioned, and curating the scientific data in their legacy phase, while establishing and maintaining the necessary science interfaces to the community.

SCI-S is substructure into the:
- Mission Operations Division (SCI-SO)
- Operations Development Division (SCI-SD)
- Data Science and Archive Division (SCI-SA)

The Mission Management and Science Operations Division (SCI-SO) is responsible during the operations phase (from completion of in-orbit commissioning to the end of post-operations) for the overall management and the execution of the science operations of the Directorate’s missions, including the post-operational phase.

The Science Operations Development Division (SCI-SD) is responsible for the development of tools and infrastructure for the science operations of the Directorate’s missions. It provides input concerning the resources required for science operations and is responsible for all activities associated with the pre-launch definition and implementation of the scientific operations of these missions, including the development of the necessary tools.

The Data Science and Archives Division (SCI-SA) is responsible for the provision of data science and archive systems, as well as the technical IT services in support of missions throughout their lifecycle. SCI-SA is further responsible for the management of the data from missions in legacy phase, as well as of their scientific exploitation.


The Science Engagement and Oversight Office (SCI-E) is responsible for overseeing the scientific content of the Programme, interfacing with the scientific community and providing scientific expertise to studies, projects and missions, also in other Directorates as needed.