Finding a document in Content Server


The Search facilities in Content Server are powerful, and they have been improved in the latest versions.

Hints on finding a document

There is no avoiding the fact that it is easier to find a document if the repository is well organized. It also helps if there are not multiple versions of the same documents. Both these phenomena are under the control and responsibility of your coordinators - call them if you find problems with the document organization. In particular, try to separate technical documentation from administrative documentation such as minutes of meetings, review, discussion groups as these can make multiple references to technical information by their very nature.

The simplest way to find a document is to navigate to an area where you think the document is most likely to reside.

You then use the Content Server full text search "Search From Here" button.  Alternatively you can search within"a "slice" by opening the Search Panel (icon on the right of the search box).

Search "slices" are queries or views on the database which are predefined by the administrators. You may use such search slices to further refine the search volume by selecting one of the slices provided - if you think of a useful slice which could be added, contact the administrators asking to set one up for you. You may search within a particular slice no matter where you are in Content Server.

  • You can use the Hit Highlight tab to tell you where the searched information comes within the documents found.
  • You can control the number of hits reported by configuring your search default settings.
  • You can turn document summaries on and off to give a more compressed presentation.

If the search yields too many hits refine the search using the Advanced Search function.

Note, if you are searching for a particular text string you may encompass this in inverted commas e.g. "data model" will return only instances of this exact phrase.

The Detailes search offers the possibility better target your search : based on

  • Words in the text
  • The approcimate of the document within Content Server ("top of the tree")
  • The creator of the document
  • The Modification/Creation  date

The Advanced search offers the possibility to further refine your search based on:

  • Name of document (i.e. Content Server name)
    • Document metadata (i.e. Content Server Categories)
    • Document number (if there is one)
    • Name of author (if there is one)
    • etc
  • Document Location by selecting slices singly or multiply (cntl-click on each slice of interest).
  • etc.

Pre-canned Search Templates can be set up at the user and System level (for sharing)

Such shared templates can be made made readily available to the specific user group by e.g. an entry in the domain home page. Ask the administrator to set these up for you.