ILWS Steering Committee / Working Group Meeting (25-26 May 2004, Banff, Canada)


  • International Living With a Star: The Road Ahead - W. Liu
  • Living With a Star and The Vision for Exploration - M. Guhathakurta
  • ILWS Geospace Themes and Targets - D. Sibeck
  • Suggestion of Magnetospheric Research within ILWS - Z. X. Liu
  • Solar and Heliospheric Physics for ILWS/CAWSES - T. Kosugi
  • Solar Orbiter Status - R. Marsden


  • Australian Contribution to ILWS - B. Fraser and D. Cole
  • CAWSES: Climate and Weather of the Sun-Earth System - S. Basu
  • Potential New Contributions to ILWS from China - C. Wang and Z. X. Liu
  • A European ILWS Strategy Outline - H. Opgenoorth
  • SolACES - W. Frings
  • Activities and Events Since Nice WG Meeting - H. Opgenoorth
  • Indian Presentation at ILWS Working Group Meeting - R. S. Bhatia
  • Missions of CNSA's Participation in ILWS - Z.X. Liu and C. Wang
  • Ukraininan Contribution to ILWS - V. Korepanov


  • End User Task Group Report - E. Daly
  • Ground-Based Remote Sensing of Geospace - E. Donovan
  • ILWS Ionosphere Thermosphere Task Group - D. Sibeck for R. Heelis
  • Magnetospheric Task Group - R. Friedel
  • Theory and Modeling Task Group - M. Hesse

October 21, 2003

  • Potential Slovak Contributions to ILWS - K. Kudela