SOCCI belongs to ESA-owned intellectual property rights (IPR) assets available for licensing under ESA Community License 2.4 permissiveESA-owned items are available free of charge for ESA Member States and bodies under their jurisdiction.

SOCCI application package includes documentation and specific software developed in the scope of SOCCI project. External third-party software required to deploy a fully functional SOCCI service is not included. Adquisition and licensing of external dependencies is to be managed directly with software vendors. Further details on SOCCI external dependencies can be found in SOCCI's documentation package (see Software Reuse File "ESA-SOCCI-SRF-0001") 

As part of the core systems involved in the development of operational environments at ESA's Astronomy Centre (ESAC), SOCCI is considered Operational Software. 


The licenses are requested to use SOCCI in an ESA Project.


The licenses are issued exclusively for peaceful purposes. For technology transfer outside ESA Member States, prior authorisation from the Industrial Policy Committee (IPC) must be obtained.


There are three different types of licenses:

  • Documentation license
  • Source Code license
  • Source Code & Binary license

Access the license application form here (latest version available for licensing: SOCCI v6.4.0)

Documentation LICENSE

This license provides access to SOCCI's documentation package only. It is typically used for assessement and familiarisation purposes. 

Source code license

This license provides access to SOCCI's documentation and source code. It is typically used for development purposes. It entitles licensees to modify and extend SOCCI to fit their purposes.

Source Code & binary License

This license provides access to SOCCI's documentation, source code and binaries.  It is typically used for deployment and/or development purposes. It entitles licensees to modify and extend SOCCI to fit their purposes.