Observing opportunities for European Users with ASTRO-F: Call for Letter of Intent

 Dear Colleague,

 This mail is to inform you of upcoming observing opportunities with
 JAXA's ASTRO-F infrared sky survey satellite. 
 The "Observers' Fact-sheet " gives a concise summary of the relevant information.

 If you are interested in this opportunity, you should return
 a brief "Letter of Intent" to ESA before 31 May 2005.

 ASTRO-F is a Japanese infrared all-sky survey mission, scheduled for
 launch in January-February 2006 and with a foreseen operational
 lifetime of at least 1.5 years. In addition to the sky survey, part
 of the mission will be dedicated to pointed observations of specific
 astronomical targets. ASTRO-F has the capability for imaging and
 spectroscopy in 13 infrared bands from 2 to 180 microns. Resulting from
 ESA's participation in the mission, individuals and teams from institutes
 in ESA Member States may submit observing proposals for pointed observations
 in ASTRO-F's European Open Time programme (*). Further details on the
 ASTRO-F mission and the observing opportunities offered to European
 astronomers can be found at the ESA site:


 To enable ESA to gauge the interest in ASTRO-F observing opportunities
 (and, consequently, size the facilities needed), likely proposers are
 asked to send a brief "Letter of Intent" to the ESA Project Scientist
 at 'astro-f@sciops.esa.int' before 31 May 2005. The suggested format for
 this Letter is provided at the end of this mail.

 Current planning foresees issue of the 'Call for Observing Proposals'
 on 1 September 2005, with proposals being due two months thereafter.
 Proposals will be peer-reviewed by a European Time Allocation Committee,
 and then merged with those resulting from the parallel Japanese Call.

 Please note this is the last information on ASTRO-F sent to the ISO
 Data Archive users list. If you want to have your name added to our
 ASTRO-F mailing list for any future correspondence, please send a
 blank e-mail to astro-f@sciops.esa.int, with "subscribe" in the
 subject field.

 (*): Interested scientists outside Europe are encouraged to collaborate
      with PI's from ESA member state institutions.

 Best regards,

      Alberto Salama
      ESA's ASTRO-F Project Scientist
      European Space Astronomy Centre (ESAC)
      Villafranca, Madrid, Spain

 Letter of Intent - Format

 Proposer Information:


 Proposal Information (Repeat per foreseen proposal):

 Scientific Category:
 One of the following: Solar System OR Interstellar Matter OR
 Stellar/Circumstellar Physics OR Extragalactic Systems OR Cosmology.

 Title (preliminary):