AKARI Guidelines for Publication


Please include the following text as a footnote to the title of your paper;
"Based on observations with AKARI, a JAXA project with the participation of ESA."


Please refer to the relevant papers of the AKARI mission, the instrument(s) and software you use for your research.

AKARI Mission

The Infrared Astronomical Mission AKARI
Murakami, H., et al., 2007, PASJ 59, S369--S376


ASTRO-F Infrared Sky Survey mission
Murakami, H., 2004, SPIE 5487, 330.

Infrared Camera (IRC)

The Infrared Camera (IRC) for AKARI - Design and Imaging Performance
Onaka, T. et al. 2007, PASJ 59, S401-S410


The Infrared Camera (IRC) on board the ASTRO-F: Laboratory Tests and Expected Performance
Onaka, T. et al., 2004, SPIE 5487, 338.

Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS)

The Far-Infrared Surveyor (FIS) for AKARI
Kawada, M. et al. 2007, PASJ 59, S389--S400


Far-Infrared Surveyor: design, operation, and performance
Kawada, M., Shibai, H., Kaneda, H., ; Nakagawa, T., 2004, SPIE 5487, 369


In-orbit focal adjustment of the AKARI telescope with IRC images
Kaneda, H. et al. 2007, PASJ 59, S423--S427


Flight Performance of the AKARI Cryogenic System
Nakagawa, T. et al. 2007, PASJ 59, S377--S387

Software toolkits

AKARI IRC Data User Manual Version 1.4
Lorente, R., Onaka, T., Ita, Y., Ohyama, Y., Pearson, C.P., 2007
[PDF (2.6MB)]

AKARI IRC Data User Manual for Phase 3 Version 1.4
Onaka, T., Lorente, R., Ita, Y., Ohyama, Y., Tanabe, T., Pearson, C.P., 2009
[PDF (4.3MB)]

AKARI FIS Data User Manual Version 1.3
Verdugo, E., Yamamura, I., Pearson, C.P., 2007
[PDF (4.1MB)]

All-Sky Survey Point Source Catalogues

AKARI-FIS Bright Source Catalogue Release note Version 1.0
Yamamura, I., Makiuti, S., Ikeda, N., Fukuda, Y, Oyabu, S, Koga, T., White, G. J., 2010
[PDF (5.0MB)]

AKARI-IRC Point Source Catalogue Release note Version 1.0
Kataza, H., Alfageme, C., Cassatella, A., Cox, N., Fujiwara, H., Ishihara, D., Oyabu, S., Salama, A., Takita, S., and Yamamura, I., 2010
[PDF (1.1MB)]

The AKARI/IRC Mid-Infrared All-Sky Survey
Ishihara, D., Onaka, T., Kataza, H., Salama, A., Alfageme, C., Cassatella, A., Cox, N., Garcia-Lario, P., et al. 2010, A&A Special Feature "Science with AKARI"

Publication list

You are kindly requested to report to the project when the paper is accepted / published. For the moment, please send the following information to the Helpdesk.

  • Title of the paper.
  • Author(s).
  • Reference (or status).
  • Preprint in PDF, or URL to the reprint.

AKARI papers can be consulted at the ADS services.