ASTRO-F European Users Support Newsletter #1

ESAC, 7 June 2005

1. Call for Letters of intent results

The Call for Letters of intent (LoI) for use of European Open Time on
the Japanese ASTRO-F mission opened on 11 May. The deadline was 31 May.
We are pleased to report a considerable interest in the use of this
infrared facility. A total of 129 Letters from 83 proposers were received.
Summary statistics follows:

LoI Proposer's (83) distribution by country:

 18 France
 14 United Kingdom
 11 Italy
 10 Germany
  6 Spain
  5 Austria
  4 Belgium
  4 ESA
  4 The Netherlands
  2 Ireland
  2 ESO
  1 Greece
  1 Portugal
  1 Sweden

LoI Proposals (129) distribution by Science Category:

 12 Solar System
 23 Interstellar Matter
 50 Stellar/Circumstellar Physics
 28 Extragalactic Systems
 16 Cosmology

The Call for Proposals is foreseen to be issued early September 2005.

2. ASTRO-F Observers Factsheet

In order to ease the preparation of the Observing Proposals this Autumn,
we have expanded the single-sheet key information on the ASTRO-F mission
and its two instruments into a 3-page observers factsheet:

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