ASTRO-F European Users Support Newsletter #3

IRC04 detection and saturation limits definition

ESAC, 16 November 2005

Dear ASTRO-F Open Time Observers,

This is a special edition of the ASTRO-F Newsletter. For one
ASTRO-F observing mode, the AOT IRC04 (spectroscopic mode)
there is still some uncertainty in the definition of detection
and saturation limits.

This affects both the Observers Manual and the Instrument
Performance Tool. There is however no change in the mode
functionality or performance.

Being very close to the proposal submission deadline, we
recommend users wishing to use this AOT to submit their proposals
in any case, regardless of the results of the Instrument Performance
Tool for this mode. These proposals will not be submitted to the
Time Allocation Committee (TAC) until this issue is fully clarified.
We will iterate with the users as necessary to optimise the observing
parameters for the IRC04 observing mode.

We apologise for the inconvenience,
ASTRO-F User Support team

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