ASTRO-F European Users Support Newsletter #4

Announcement of Opportunity

ESAC, 22 November 2005

Dear ASTRO-F Open Time Observers,

The ASTRO-F AO closed on the 18th of November 2005. We are pleased to report that the ESA Call for Proposals
resulted in 50 valid proposals requesting, in total, 3835 pointings. Given the foreseen number of pointings
for ESA (estimated to be 500), this leads to an oversubscription factor of 7.7.

The proposals came from 42 different Principal Investigators from 32 institutes in 9 European countries plus
ESO and ESA. The distribution over countries and scientific categories is given below.

These proposals will be assessed for technical feasibility by staff of the European User Support Team at ESAC
and for scientific merit by an ESA established Time Allocation Committee, and then merged with those resulting
from the parallel Japanese Call. It is expected that the result of this process will be made known to the
proposers shortly after the launch of ASTRO-F.

ASTRO-F User Support team

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