ASTRO-F Observation Planning Workshop: 3rd Announcement

ASTRO-F Observation Planning Workshop

for European Open Time users


ESAC, Villafranca, Madrid, Spain

Friday, 23 September 2005

This is the third and last announcement of the ASTRO-F Observation Planning
Workshop for European Open Time users.

The workshop, hosted by the ASTRO-F European Users Support Team, will be
held at ESAC, Villafranca, Spain, on the 23rd of September, shortly after
the release of the 'Call for Observing Proposals'.

Workshop Programme

(Times include a 10-15 mins Question/Answer session)

    9:30 Arrival, Registration, etc.

   10:00 Welcome address [A. Salama]

   10:15 The ASTRO-F Mission [T. Onaka]

   11:00 ASTRO-F Focal Plane Instruments [I. Yamamura]

   11:45 ** Coffee Break

   12:00 IRC [T. Onaka]

   12:30 FIS [H. Kaneda]

   13:00 ** Lunch

   14:15 Call for proposals [A. Salama]

   14:45 Hands-on tutorial with the observing proposals tools
         [C. Pearson, R. Lorente, E. Verdugo]

   15:15 ** Coffee break

   15:30 Hands-on tutorial (continued)

   16:15 Closing


There is no registration fee for this workshop.

Accomodation has been reserved according to the answers received.

One ASTRO-F team member will be present at the recommended hotel
in El Escorial on 23 September in the morning to help arranging
TAXI transportation to ESAC.

   Hotel Tres Arcos *
   calle Juan de Toledo, 42
   Tel: +34 91 890.68.97
   Fax: +34 91 890.79.97

For logistics, please contact our secretary Ana Willis:

 Phone: +34-91-8131-254
   FAX: +34-91-8131-308

List of Participants


There will be no proceedings from this workshop, but the presentations
will be available from the ASTRO-F ESAC web.


ASTRO-F is a Japanese infrared all-sky survey mission, scheduled for
launch in January-February 2006 and with a foreseen operational lifetime
of about 1.5 years. In addition to the sky survey, part of the mission
will be dedicated to pointed observations of specific astronomical targets.
ASTRO-F has the capability for imaging and spectroscopy in 13 infrared
bands from 2 to 180 microns. Resulting from ESA's participation in the
mission, individuals and teams from institutes in ESA Member States may
submit observing proposals for pointed observations in ASTRO-F's European
Open Time programme.

The 'Call for Observing Proposals' is planned to be issued on 20 September
2005, with proposals being due two months thereafter. Proposals will be
peer-reviewed by a European Time Allocation Committee, and then merged with
those resulting from the parallel Japanese Call.

Further details on the ASTRO-F mission and the observing opportunities
offered to European astronomers can be found at the ESA site:


Further information on the workshop logistics can be found on the
dedicated web page: