Mercury Transit

what's happening?

Less than 2 years before the launch of BepiColombo, many of us will be party to a rare phenomenon. An observable event will occur whereby the planet Mercury will pass in front of our sun (a solar transit). General information here (courtesy of Prof U. Backhaus).

when is it happening?

Precisely on 9th May 2016 starting 11:12 UTC ending 18:42 UTC. This is the path of Mercury as it crosses the sun. Here's a simulation 

We will get another chance to experience this phenomenon on 11th November 2019 starting 12:35 UTC ending 18:04 UTC. But after that we'll have to wait until 2032!

Where will it be visible from?

The whole transit will be visible from most of Western Europe, S. America and Eastern N. America. Partial visibility everywhere else except Australia and far eastern Asia. See map.
We will be webstreaming live images of the transit. Links will appear here closer to the time.

Is there an event in my location?

CLICK HERE to find up to date information about Mercury Transit Events happening around the world.

Map of locations 

OTHER Resources

visibility map

These are the areas on earth from which the Mercury Transit, on 9th May 2016, can be observed, enitrely or partially or not at all.

Transit Countdown

Time till transit on 09/05/2016: