SWT#21 Integrated Research Center, Kobe University, Japan 21-24 November 2022

Meeting Place:


some information on the entry procedure into Japan. Please click here and download the app.




Covid Requirements:

Updated restrictions after 11 October 2022:

1. Remove requirement for all entrant to have person in charge and ERFS certificate. In addition, personal trip WITHOUT tour itinerary is now allowed.

2. Restart visa free travel (for select countries to be announced)

3. Unless the entrant clearly exhibit COVID 19 symptoms, entrants will not require to take PCR test and will not be requested to quarantine regardless of travel history UPON LANDING in Japan. All entrant may also use public transport for movement upon landing. On the other hand, all entrants MUST show EITHER valid vaccination certificate (list of vaccine is updated) OR COVID 19 negative test result with sample taken 72 hours before international leg of the flight (conform with MHLW standards).

4. Remove limit of entrant number

5. Reopen international flight routes at other airport

==> Information for ERFS in registration page is NOT required anymore (See each Japanese Embassy page for more details)