Venue & Accomodation


How to come to ESTEC:

All visitors arriving at ESTEC need to register at the Gate House, outside
the main entrance, before accessing the site. Please make sure to bring a
valid ID (National ID card or passport) with you. You will be given a visitor
badge that must be carried for the whole duration of your stay at ESTEC. The
procedure of getting the badge might take some time as there are many
visitors coming to ESTEC every day. Therefore, we strongly recommend to
arrive a little earlier on the first day to avoid delays in the programme. At
the Gate House you will receive information on how to get to the meeting room
and also a wifi guest account will be issued at the same time (the login
details will be printed on the badge). After registering you can enter the
site showing your visitor badge and valid ID.

A list of hotels in NOORDWIJK and LEIDEN with preferential ESA rates can be found here


In order to obtain the ESA rate on the hotel listed, please contact directly the ESA travel office: - Note that a handling fee of 12.10 euros will be charged to your credit card if you book through the ESA travel office.