TOPCAT - Tool for OPerations on Catalogues And Tables

The TOPCAT program can be used to probe the tables and views - the table names, the columns, and can also be used to run ADQL queries. 

It's available at and once installed and opened, the initial window is shown in the screenshot below:

The icon for the ADQL queries is: 

and that leads to the following window where the TAP service for CSA can be entered into the text box at the bottom:

Press the 'Use Service' button to load the tables, and you will be taken to the Use Service tab:

where three sections have been highlighted:

1. the names of the tables and views - csa.v_dataset has been selected

2. the columns view will show the columns in that selected table

3. ADQL queries can be entered (note: without URL padding or encoding) into the text box - press Run Query and a table will be loaded in a separate window for viewing.