ENGAGE meeting:

Enhance Networking and Gathering on Agn in Galaxy Evolution 


18-22 SEPTEMBER 2023


Feedback from active galactic nuclei (AGN) is a necessary ingredient for explaining many of the observed properties of massive galaxies and quenching in galaxy evolution models. On the other hand, understanding the impact of AGN in the galaxies’ baryon cycle and their role in quenching star formation still represents a pressing challenge in the field of galaxy formation and evolution. The time is now ripe for identifying concrete ways to advance this field, either by mining the data archives hosting plenty of multi-wavelength data, or by designing new observational and computational projects.

In this context, the ENGAGE workshop aims at gathering experts in the field of galaxy and AGN (co-)evolution to identify the most fundamental questions and tools required to pin down the impact of AGN on galaxy growth. Ultimately, this workshop will promote new collaborations among the participants, as well as papers and proposal ideas preferentially led by early career scientists to boost their career and visibility. The meeting will include short talks, discussions, and hands-on sessions to shape projects and papers aimed at addressing the most outstanding questions within the broader topic of the meeting.