ESA European large logistic lander - EL3

exploring the moon from a large european lander


Call for IdeaS

29 May - 3 July 2020


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The European Large Logistic Lander

The EL3 Lander is in preparation by ESA as a key capability, providing European access to the lunar surface. The lander will be launched on an Ariane 64 launch vehicle and is to deliver scientific or logistic payloads to locations on the lunar surface. Its missions could deliver cargo in support of human explorers or deliver self-standing robotic missions for science, technology or other applications. EL3 flights would begin in the late 2020s, with a cadence of missions over the following decade and more. 

The Call For Ideas

The CFI aims to gather inputs on how Europe can use this capability to deliver world class science at the Moon and prepare and deliver capabilities for future human and robotic space flights. The Call For Ideas targets the European science, research and technology communities and other potential users from other sectors. Submitted ideas will be reviewed and the best ones taken forward into mission studies from the end of 2020, with their originators engaged in the mission definition. 

It is intended that a decision on the full development to flight of the EL3 lander and its first mission will be requested at the ESA Council at ministerial level in 2022.


  - The ESA Human and Robotic Exploration Team -