We strive to provide the highest level of technical expertise in Product Assurance to benefit science missions. We provide guidance through all the engineering activities on PA matters. We help making your project a success.


Product Assurance project-specific support


Image Credit: ESA

Included in the catalogue of the standard PA support to projects, we provide a wide variety of activities to the cosmic observers and the solar system explorer missions in the SCI-S department.

Internal audits

We perform internal audits against Product Assurance and Engineering requirements, by analysing different aspects such as Configuration Control Management, Testing, Specifications, Design, Documentation, etc.


Code Review

Our team of experts in software adherence to Standards and quality can analyse specific software packages and provide an extensive analysis results report, including recommendations to improve the overall quality of the code.


Technical Assessments

Our team performs ad-hoc technical assessments of processes for missions in development and operations.