GOAT Report released
Please download the report here


Gravitational Observatory Advisory Team



Following the advice of the Senior Survey Committee (SSC) the Science Programme Committee (SPC) decided in November 2013 to select the science theme "The Gravitational Universe" for the L3 mission; the Director of Science and Robotic Exploration (D/SRE) has established a Gravitational Observatory Advisory Team (GOAT) to advise on the scientific and technological approaches for a gravitational wave observatory with a planned launch date in 2034. 

The committee is due to provide a report to ESA in early 2016.


The current membership of the advisory team comprises


  • Pierre Binetruy (APC Paris)
  • Philippe Bouyer (LP2N Bordeaux)
  • Mike Cruise (U Birmingham)
  • Reinhard Genzel (MPE)
  • Mark Kasevich (Stanford University)
  • Bill Klipstein (JPL)
  • Guido Mueller (U Florida, Gainesville)
  • Michael Perryman (Chair)
  • Bernard Schutz (AEI Golm)
  • Stefano Vitale (U Trento)

Observers from other agencies

  • Masaki Ando (JAXA)
  • Robin Stebbins (NASA)

Forthcoming and past Meetings


Event Date Venue
Kick-Off Telecon 16 September, 13:00-14:00 n/a
1st Meeting 14 October, 11:00 - 15 October, 16:00 ESA HQ, Paris
2nd Meeting 8 December, 11:00 - 9 December, 16:00 ESA HQ, Paris
3rd Meeting 25 March, 9:00 - 26 March, 16:00 ESA HQ, Paris
4th Meeting 1 June, 9:00 - 2 June, 16:00 ESA HQ, Paris
5th Meeting 16 September, 9:00 - 17 September, 16:00 ESTEC, Noordwijk
6th Meeting 15 December, 9:00 - 16 December, 16:00 ESA HQ, Paris



Please direct all questions or comments reagrding this website to the secretary of the advisory team.