Special Files in the HST Archive

Observation log and quality control files

Most datasets have additional observation log and quality control FITS-files attached to them. Those files are usually not easily retrieved using the programmatic access as their exact file-id is partly determined by their original ingestion date into the HST archive. The download proxy will attempt to determine and auto-complete to the correct file-id if you simply retrieve <datasetname>_jit/jif. If this fails please try to use the regular archive interface to request the auxilliary files belonging to a dataset.

A dedicated page at the STScI provides detailed information on the HST Jitter / Observation Log files.


The preview images found in the archive interface can be accessed directly. Previews are available both as reduced-size FITS and as PNG images.

The file-ids to access a preview can be constructed by appending the extensions "_PREV" or "_PREV.PNG" to the dataset-names.