Files names and extensions used for WFC3 (I)


Fileids Suffix Description Units Example
Ixxxxxxxx_RAW _RAW Raw data DN IA2113INQ_RAW
Ixxxxxxxx_ASN _ASN Association file for observation set   IA2113010_ASN
Ixxxxxxxx_SPT _SPT Telemetry and engineering data   IA2113INQ_SPT
Ixxxxxxxx_TRL _TRL Trailer File with processing comments   IA2113INQ_TRL
Ixxxxxxxx_IMA _IMA Calibrated intermediate IR exposure electrons/s IA2113INQ_IMA
Ixxxxxxxx_FLT _FLT Calibrated, Flat fielded individual exposure electrons (UVIS) / electrons/s (IR) IA2113INQ_FLT
Ixxxxxxxx_CRJ _CRJ Calibrated, CR-rejected, Combined UVIS image electrons IB4V12N5Q_CRJ
Ixxxxxxxx_DRZ _DRZ Calibrated, Geometrically Corrected, Dither-Combined image electrons/sec IA2113010_DRZ
 For more information on this instrument please refer to the WFC3 instrument page at the STScI