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Notice to all potential subcontractors

The Cislunar Gateway- International Habitat (I-HAB) is ESA’s contribution of an infrastructure element supporting the Gateway with full crew habitability and utilization requirements from early 2026. The I-HAB includes contributions from USA, Japan and Canada Space Agencies.  The Cislunar Gateway is a multi-element infrastructure designed to support both robotic and human exploration of cis-lunar space and act as “basecamp” for sustained lunar exploration. 

Thales Alenia Space Italia (TAS-Italia) identified as Prime Contractor for the International Habitat (I-HAB) Module, procurement convenes the 


To present to the Industrial Community the procurement activities anticipated as part of the future Implementation phases to establish an industrial organisation meeting all programme requirements, including ESA Industrial Policy requirements and other procurement targets.

The Industry Day will take place on: 

FROM 10:00 CET

It will consist of an internet live streaming presentation of the mission in the morning followed by a series of bi-lateral meetings hosted via WebEx between Thales Alenia Space and interested potential subcontractors. The bi-lateral meetings will be conducted in the afternoon at pre-booked timeslots via WebEx (or equivalent) once interest in the Industry Day has been registered.


Please fill in the registration form on the registration page.
Completion of this Expression of Interest (EOI) Form and general enquires for the Industry Day can be made by email through the following mail address:

Please note that the registration and completion of the EOI is MANDATORY for attending the event.

Should an economic operator within the ESA Members, Cooperating and Associated States wish to:

  • Follow the event, it should contact TAS-Italia in the first instance at the contact e-mail address identified in this document within 10 working days of this publication by populating and submitting the on-line Registration form and emailing the completed Expression of Interest (EOI) to the address above.
  • Be considered for a bi-lateral meeting on any of the equipment or items in the table above listed, please  specify  in the EOI the  motivation for your request.

TAS-Italia will evaluate all requests and, should there be no time to accommodate all requests, will give priority to the not yet known economic operators and the Small and Medium Enterprises. 
The preliminary Agenda for the Industry Day is also provided on the website.

Please find here the full invitation for the IHAB Industry Day which outlines the procurement process, the anticipated list of equipment to be procured and Expression of Interest Form