2nd Announcement
(Please redistribute to anyone you think may be interested)
15 September 2016


This is the second announcement for the workshop ‘Ices in the Solar System’, organized on 23-27 January 2017 at the European Space Astronomy Center (ESA/ESAC), near Madrid, Spain. Even if you have done a pre-registration to this workshop, you need to proceed now with the official registration and abstract submission steps before the 15th of November through this web-site http://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/ices-in-the-solar-system/home.



This workshop will focus on experimental and mission data relevant for the past and future exploration of volatile rich bodies in the Solar System.The pre-registration has shown a strong interest in this topic with over hundred participants expected. The topics covered by this workshop will include: 

  • Experimental research and associated modeling (preparation of ice analogs and experimental weathering in the lab, analysis and modeling techniques to infer optical, thermal, mechanical, electrical, thermodynamical, structural and compositional properties.
  • Mission data revealing ices and their properties, composition, geological context and history in the Outer Solar System  (Rings, icy moons, KBOs and Kuiper Belt), Asteroid Belt, Mars (polar caps, ground ice) or well within the snow line (Mercury, Moon).
  • The astrobiological potential of ices and their role and transport during the Solar System evolution- including the connection to the interstellar medium, proto-solar nebulae, icy giants and planetesimals formation. 

The abstract submission deadline is November 15th. The detailed session program will be published on November 29th.

Note that, if you wish to do so, there may be the possibility to include your contribution into a special workshop publication issue.

Sponsorship for students, in the form of lump sum payment, will be available, upon review of the submitted abstract 
by the Science Organizing Committee (see details here http://www.cosmos.esa.int/web/ices-in-the-solar-system/students_support). 



1st Announcement
(Please redistribute to anyone you think may be interested)
20 May 2016


The local organising committee would like to invite you to the "Ices in the Solar System" workshop at the European Space Astronomy Centre near Madrid, Spain. The workshop will be organised in January 2017. The duration of the meeting will be 3 to 4 days, no registration fees are expected.

Don't hesitate to register to express your interest and be informed of the next announcements.
After Cassini exploring the icy moons of the Saturnian's system, Rosetta analysing the time evolution of ices on a cometary nuclei, New Horizons visiting Pluto and on its way to another Kuiper Belt object, the discovery of ices on many objects within the snow-line, and JUICE in the making, it appears important and timely to gather the communities involved to review our knowledge and identify outstanding questions on the chemistry and physical properties of ices in the Solar System. 
This will also be an opportunity to review the latest advances in experimental research to support the interpretation of remote sensing observations on current and future missions observing the surfaces of icy bodies. The weathering of ices across the Solar System, and in particular under plasma and dust bombardment in the magnetospheres of Gas Giants like Jupiter and Saturn, will be an important theme of the workshop. Finally, the Rosetta mission has been continuing the examination of the distribution and role played by amorphous or crystalline ices (or both) in small bodies.The ability of different types of ices to trap chemical tracers (like noble gases, methane, or molecular oxygen) is indeed fundamental to constraining evolutionary models of the Solar System.
This workshop will revolve around the following main themes:
Volatiles in ices
Surface-Ice chemistry
Geology of icy bodies
Laboratory analogs
Ices within the current snowline - from Mercury to the asteroids main belt