2022 IHDEA agenda 
(3-7 OCtober, 2022)

2 hours each day (12-14 UTC/14-16 CET/08-10 ET/21-23 JST)


All presentations and recorded sessions can be found here


Monday (October 3, 2022)
Chair: Y. Myoshi

Space agencies/Institutions reports
10-15 minutes each

  • CNES CDPP and INSU (D. Boucon and B. Cecconi) 
  • ESA (A. Masson)
  • JAXA/Nagoya University Center for Heliospheric Science by (Y. Miyoshi)
  • JAXA DARTS (U. Herbert Akihito)
  • NASA HDRL (A. Roberts)
  • NASA SPDF (B. Candey)
  • NASA SDAC (J. Ireland)
  • IUGONET (Y. Tanaka)

 New players
10-15 minutes each

  • ISRO ISSDC: dissemination of Aditya L1 spacecraft data (P. Mittal/S. Rathnakumar)
  • CAESAR: Space Weather archive prototype for ASPIS (M. Molinaro, INAF, Italy)


Tuesday (October 4, 2022)
Chair: B. Cecconi

Distributed Science Platforms and research data cloud

12:00-13:30 (20 mn each talk)

  • ESA DataLabs science platform (V. Navarro on behalf of C. Arviset)
  • NASA HelioCloud (B. Thomas)
  • JAIRO cloud by national institute of information (NII) research data cloud (Dr. Hayashi)         
  • Open European Science cloud (B. Cecconi)

Discussion (30 mn): Heliophysics open science platforms: what services shall they offer in the near, mid-term, long-term future? + international coordination among these services


Wednesday (October 5, 2022)
Chair: S. Fung

Accessibility and Interoperability

Data Access Protocols


  • HAPI Developments and a New Java Framework for HAPI Servers and Its Use at ESAC (J. Faden)
  • Table Access Protocol (TAP): interoperability with the VSO (E. Mansky)
  • EPN-TAP: a newly adopted IVOA recommendation for solar and planetary data discovery. Application to Heliohysics (B. Cecconi)


  • Data citation with DOI and version number promoted by ERG-Science Center (T. Hori)
  • ESA DOI activities (A. Masson)
  • NASA DOI activities (B. Thomas)

Discussion (30 mn): coordination with the Planetary science field (In-situ, planetary magnetospheric community), invitation from IPDA-coordination with the PDS PPI plasma node/CDPP


Thursday (October 6, 2022)
Chair: T. Hori

Metadata and AI/ML



  • SPASE update (S. Fung)
  • Status of the integration of SPASE in the CNES REGARDS archiving system (D. Boucon)
  • Discussion (15 mn): Need for a registry of registries?

AI/ML datasets, catalog, event list


  • Radio Astronomy ML (B. Cecconi)
  • AI/ML-ready datasets (R. McGranaghan)
  • Discussion: Metadata needed to describe AI/ML ready datasets?


Discussion: how to take into account file version and data releases information in the metadata to improve reproducibility? Need for international coordination?


Friday (October 7, 2022)
Chair: A. Masson

Open science


  • PyHC activities 2021-2022 within ISWAT (J. Barnum)
  • First Executable paper in Heliophysics (S. Polson)
  • Maser data: accessing low frequency heliophysics radio data in python (B. Cecconi)
  • MHD simulation of the heliosphere combined with IPS and space-based observations (K. Iwai)




  • Theme I: Python package coordination worldwide?
    • Data-Model comparison with Kamodo (D. De Zeeuw/R. Ringuette) - 10 mn
    • Open Science: 2023 open science year for NASA and the TOPS initiative (R. McGranaghan) - 10 mn
  • Theme II: How to better include the simulation community?
    • How to improve simulation metadata description and Data-Model comparison? - 15 mn
  • Theme III : many working groups, focus for 2022-2023?

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