The JWST Masterclass is primarily intended for researchers from across the ESA Member States who have yet to work with JWST data or have had limited experience so far, and want to build their expertise and confidence. The aims are: to provide a solid foundation in the basics of the calibration pipeline, to walk participants through examples of science-case-driven data from several of JWST’s observing modes, and to illustrate specific workarounds that can be used to optimise the outcome of particular datasets. Our goal is that participants will be better prepared to embark on analysis of data from Cycles 1 (or coming soon in Cycle 2), and ready for science exploitation of new data in future cycles, while also becoming European ambassadors for best practices of science exploitation from JWST.

Topics include:

  • General introduction to the mission and its archives
  • ​​Introduction to the JWST calibration pipeline
  • Imaging observations
  • Time-series data
  • Slit spectroscopy
  • IFU spectroscopy

The Masterclass will be run by experts from the team that supports JWST Science Operations, with a mixture of presentations and hands-on exercises. The exercises will feature the most used scientific modes, which include spectroscopy and imaging from MIRI, NIRSpec and NIRCam.

Note that preparation work will be required ahead of the Masterclass. Participants will need to install the calibration pipeline and download relevant datasets, so that everything is set-up and ready for use at the start of the Masterclass.


The agenda for the Masterclass: JWST Data Masterclass Agenda



organising committee

Chris Evans, Paule Sonnentrucker, Macarena Garcia-Marin, Esther Gonzalez Panero, Justyna Kowalska, Tim Rawle, Holly Reedy, Jean-Baptiste Regnard