SimulatIONS of a DEEP FIELD program

We fave performed a set of simulations closely mimicking the deep spectroscopic observations part of the JADES survey, a joint effort of the NIRCam and NIRSpec GTO teams. The simulations are made possible by the NIRSpec Instrument Performance Simulator software, a Fourier Optics wave propagation module coupled with a detailed model of the instruments optical geometry and radiometric response, and a detector simulator reproducing the noise properties and response of NIRSpec's two H2RG sensors. The targets for the simulations were selected from the JWST Extragalactic Mock Catalog, JAGUAR.

Read about the simulation inputs, the methods and the delivered data in this short paper.

Browse and download the data from our FTP server following the below (anonymous login, please use a secure FTP client)

A more extended description of the simulations is available in this document