Proposal in response to the call for science themes for the large class mission in the ESA Cosmic Vision Programme.


LISA was selected as the 3rd Large Class mission

LISA Study Definition Report - Red Book (2024) PDF file, 45.5 MB
Science Requirements Document (2018) PDF file, 1.4 MB
LISA Mission Proposal LISA - mission proposal (2017) PDF file, 15.5 MB
The Gravitational Universe PDF file, 38.9MB




LISA — Unveiling a hidden Universe

Assessment study report 2011, aka 'Yellow Book'


Asessment study report titlepage LISA — Unveiling a hidden Universe PDF file, 12.6 MB
Titlepage LISA Data Analysis Status LISA Data Analysis Status, v2.1 PDF file, 1.8 MB





LISA Athena Whitepaper


LISA-Athena Whitepaper PDF file,  0.5MB




Documents provided for the Beyond Einstein Program Assessment Committee

These documents are public documents, submitted by the LISA Project to the BEPAC. They can also be found on the NRC website.


Titlepage Science Case LISA: Probing the Universe with Gravitational Waves PDF file, 8.8 MB
Titlepage LISA Architecture Document LISA Architecture PDF file, 17 MB
Titlepage LISA Data Analysis Status LISA Data Analysis Status PDF file, 1.8 MB




The BEPAC Report

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Results of previous studies


Titlepage Pre-Phase a report Pre-Phase A report (ESA, 1998) PDF, 2.9 MB
Titlepage LISA Mission Concept LISA Mission Concept (JPL, 1998) PDF, 463 kB
Titlepage System and Technology Study System and Technology Study Report (ESA, 2000) PDF, 10.2 MB
Titlepage LISA Study of Laser Interferometer Space Antenna LISA: Study of the Laser Interferometer Space Antenna (ESA, 2000) PDF, 47.8 MB