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Public presentation of EnVision and THESEUS
candidate missions for the M5 opportunity
in ESA's Science Programme


A virtual meeting to be held via Webex on Thursday 29 April 2021, from 09:30-13:00 CEST


Page updates:

​​​​​​​29 April: The three presentation files are available to download from this page - see link in the prorgamme listing below.
​​​​​​​19 April: The programme has been updated to include a short break between the EnVision and THESEUS presentations


In April 2018, ESA selected three candidate missions for study for the 5th Medium-class mission (M5) launch opportunity of the Cosmic Vision Programme. Of these, two missions, EnVision and THESEUS, are completing the study phase and are now in competition to be selected as the next mission in the ESA Science Programme. As part of the mission selection, both teams have been invited to make a public presentation, describing their respective missions and the expected science return, and thereafter answering questions from the audience. Details of each mission can be found in the Assessment Study Reports (see below).

The public presentation will be held virtually on 29 April, 2021. People wishing to attend are requested to register using the link below.

​​​​​​​Mission Assessment Study Reports (Yellow Books)​​​​​

EnVision: ESA/SCI(2021)1 (pdf; 22.9 MB) THESEUS: ESA/SCI(2021)2 (pdf; 15.1 MB)


09:30-09:45   Welcome and opening remarks from ESA  
09:45-10:45   Presentation of the EnVision mission, by EnVision representatives,
  followed by short period (15 minutes) for Q&A [Presentation file, pdf (371MB)]
10:45-11:00   Break  
11:00-12:00   Presentation of the THESEUS mission, by THESEUS representatives,
​​​​​​​  followed by short period (15 minutes) for Q&A [Presentation file, pdf (55 MB)]
12:00-12:30   Mission Selection Review summary presentation by ESA [Presentation file, pdf (775 kb)]  
12:30-13:00   Question and Answer session  
(All times in CEST)  



The public presentation of the M5 candidate missions will be run as a virtual event on the Webex platform. Individuals wishing to join the event must register. The Webex event will open at 09:00 CEST to allow people to join before the start of the programme.


Register for this event - follow this link.



Paul McNamara
Astronomy and Astrophysics Mission Coordinator 
Science Directorate
​​​​​​​European Space Agency


Last updated: 19 April 2021