Key Topics

The FM will consist of invited and contributed oral talks, as well as
posters.  All abstracts have to be submitted via the IAU GA web site and
screened by the SOC. 

The SOC plans to invite speakers to review the following focus areas:

1. Planck and cosmology:
- CMB experiments
- dark matter/lensing
- fundamental physics
2. Planck and dust science
3. Planck and diffuse radio emission science
4. Planck and extragalactic objects
5. Planck and galaxy cluster science

We expect that each session within FM5 will be dedicated to one of the areas above. An invited speaker will review the area in ~45 minutes, and the rest of the session will be devoted to shorter (~15 mins) contributed talks in related areas. Posters will complement the oral presentations.

We especially wish to encourage contributions which emphasize, exemplify, or propose the use of Planck data on its own and/or together with other sets of data from current or future ground-based, balloon-based or space-based experiments.
Of special interest are areas which connect Planck with:
- ground-, balloon- and space-based CMB experiments
- extragalactic surveys, lensing surveys, Euclid
- high energy physics, direct dark matter searches, neutrinos, etc
- dust characterization and properties, e.g. observations with Herschel, Spitzer, WISE, ALMA, etc
- radio science surveys, e.g. synchrotron emission, free-free emission, spinning dust observations etc
- observations of radio and dusty galaxies
- the Cosmic Infrared Background
- observations of the Sunyaev-Zeldovich effect, cluster science, X-ray surveys, etc.