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The two PROBA-3 spacecraft are an in-orbit demonstration of formation flying (FF), managed by ESA's Technical Directorate and supported by  ESA's General Support Technology Programme (GSTP) which has the purpose of preparing and proving new components and hardware for space. PROBA-3 is also a Mission of Opportunity in the ESA Science Programme.


Upcoming Events
23-24 September 2019 Splinter Meetings, MPS, Göttingen, Germany
24-26 September 2019


SWT#8, MPS Göttingen, Germany




Past Events
28-29 September 2018 SWT#7 at ESTEC, Noordwijk, The Netherlands
27 September 2018 Calibration Workshop/Discussion, ESTEC
4-6 December 2017 SWT#6, Wroclaw, Poland
11 October 2017 MOC-SOC Interface Meeting (ROB, Brussels) (cancelled)
13 June 2017 MOC-SOC Interface Meeting (QinetiQ Space, BE)
30-31 March 2017 ASPIICS SOC Design Meeting (ESTEC, NL, DB124+Ba024)
29-30 March 2017 MOC-SOC Interface Meeting (ESTEC, NL, DF121)
28-30 November 2016 SWT#5, Prague (Minutes and Presentations)



PROBA-3 ASPIICS and DARA Publication Guidelines




Also follow the  List of Conferences of interest for PROBA-3 Community.

General purpose information of  the PROBA-3 mission can be found here

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